Who are we?

Peter Croonen
Peter croonen
“People are the biggest assets”

Entrepreneurship is not something you do alone. Motivated employees who can get a lot of satisfaction out of their work are the most important factor for success.

Peter Croonen is a legal expert (KUL) with an MBA (ULB). Peter has extensive experience in people management, leadership, and change processes thanks to several investments as a shareholder, director and manager in small and big companies in various sectors.

Peter is, among other things, chairman of the board of directors of Bioracer, a producer of cycling clothing for elite cyclists who have won more than 600 Olympic and World titles wearing Bioracer clothing.

The link between elite sports and performance in a business environment is fascinating. The introduction of MyMindScan to our Bioracer employees was a very positive experience, both as a personal test and sounding board, but also as a signal from the employer that we are concerned about our employees’ health.