Who are we?

Stijn Quanten
Dr. Stijn Quanten
Functional neurology
Developer MyMindWorks
“Everything begins with the central nervous system”

I try to optimise the functioning of the nervous system. Every muscle an elite performer moves, moves thanks to his/her brains. The ideal performance mode is achieved when both the physical, emotional, mental/emotional and cognitive abilities are strong. To this end, we developed online measurement technology to test and improve these skills.

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Lut Brenard
Lut Brenard
Career coach
Stress and burnout coach
“Manage your energy, not your time”

Persistent high performance requires both physical and mental strength, as well as strong emotional-cognitive abilities. To keep one’s head, body and mind in top condition, employees and managers need to learn what elite athletes have already known a long time: recovering from serious effort or energy expenditure is just as important as the use thereof.

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Wim Croonen
Wim Croonen
HR Consultant & Entrepreneur
“Everything you pay attention to, grows”

I am convinced that we help companies and organisations to monitor employees’ mental health in a way that instils reciprocity. The employee also has a great responsibility and share in his/her resilience. This tool does justice to both perspectives and generates momentum for employee and organisation to move forward in the desired direction.

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Peter Croonen
Peter croonen
“People are the biggest assets”

Entrepreneurship is not something you do alone. Motivated employees who can get a lot of satisfaction out of their work are the most important factor for success.

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For everyone seeking a better performance
MyMindWorks comprises a group of enthusiastic people who are, or were, active at an elite level. Our coaches will gladly support elite performers to get the best out of themselves.