Who are we?

Stijn Quanten
Dr. Stijn Quanten
Functional neurology
Developer MyMindWorks
“Everything begins with the central nervous system”

I try to optimise the functioning of the nervous system. Every muscle an elite performer moves, moves thanks to his/her brains. The ideal performance mode is achieved when both the physical, emotional, mental/emotional and cognitive abilities are strong. To this end, we developed online measurement technology to test and improve these skills.

Based on conventional scientific training at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and later the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and after obtaining a doctorate for research into the impact of mental processes on human functioning and performance, Dr Stijn Quanten worked at the renowned Milan lab at AC Milan.

Under the supervision of Dr Jean Pierre Meersseman, he was given the opportunity to learn about the impact of the brain and, by extension the complete central nervous system, on (athletic) performance. He is currently connected to the Carrick Institute in the United States as a Functional Neurology post-doc fellow.

Meanwhile, he has become an expert in the field of mental health & performance and runs his own practice, where he helps athletes and patients to function and perform better.

To this end, he chiefly focuses on correcting these processes and blockages in the body which find their origin in mental, emotional, neurological and unconscious processes and interferences.

Some of Dr Stijn Quanten’s references include AC Milan, PSV Eindhoven, McLaren, BMC, Kim Clijsters Academy, KRC Genk, German Mannschaft, Limburg United and many other elite athletes in different disciplines.

Developer of MyMindWorks

Dr Stijn Quanten is the developer of MyMindWorks, a revolutionary online training application with which you can remotely guide and train athletes and elite performers of all levels.

This ‘online head trainer’ starts by analysing the mental, visual, neurological and cognitive skills of the individual and then offers a specific and tailor-made training programme.

With MyMindScan, he developed a product with Lut Brenard and Peter Croonen for organisations and companies and their coaches. MyMindScan monitors the mental health of your employee, team and organization.