Who are we?

Wim Croonen
Wim Croonen
HR Consultant & Entrepreneur
“Everything you pay attention to, grows”

I am convinced that we help companies and organisations to monitor employees’ mental health in a way that instils reciprocity. The employee also has a great responsibility and share in his/her resilience. This tool does justice to both perspectives and generates momentum for employee and organisation to move forward in the desired direction.

Wim Croonen is the former HR Director of Genzyme (biotech) and was previously active as the HR business partner & manager at various companies, such as Philips, Johnson Controls, Tenneco, TDS-Essers, etc. Within HR, he focuses mainly on individual coaching, team support and organisation development.

Wim is a certified coach in solution-oriented coaching, appreciative inquiry, is an intermediary in social services and has a special interest in the evidence-based findings of the positive psychology in work contexts.

A strong trend has been noticeable in recent years: shortage thinking is replaced more and more by strength thinking.

Strength thinking as a motor for personal professional growth. Departing from strengths connected to the insights in MyMindScan is a powerful vehicle to increase one’s resilience.

It is also one of the first tools that can be used on the market in psycho-social risk analyses whereby not only the 5 As, for which the employer is expected to be responsible, but also the personality profile, the motivation of the employee and his/her risk profile as a function of social and/or performance perfectionism are visualised. And, and… and the visualised employer and employee perspective is more complete. In addition, apart from questionnaires which are filled out more subjectively, they are supplemented by objective measurements of the status of the central nervous system. A game changer in the world of psycho-social risk analyses!!